Visitor´s Drones

Visitor´s Drones

!Due to the current situation, flying drones for hobby purposes are not allowed

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Israel!

The law in Israel requires having an operational license in order to fly a Drone or Model airplane for recreational use.

You can obtain this license by joining the Israel Aero club or other license holder.

The restricted areas in Israel are listed in the Aeronautical information publication – Press here, For DJI no fly zones press here

A summary of the regulation:

  • Don’t fly in restricted areas, CTR´s or in aerodromes without approval.
  • Don’t fly above 50 meters.
  • Don´t fly less than 250 meters from neighborhoods, hospitals, crowd of people.
  • Don’t fly less than 2000 meters from an airstrip.
  • Fly only in Visual line of site.
  • The only Drones approved for flying in Israel are those using 2.4GHz frequency.

Any other kind will be confiscated by custom.

(Yes, Drones which can work on both are fine)

The temporary membership cost 135 Israeli shekels.

In order to become a temporary member please fill and send the form:


Once the details submitted, you will receive a paypal request for payment (our online payment system does not accept foreign credit cards).

After the payment is done, you will get the permit via e-mail.

You can present the permit to customs in Israel.

This membership is the only thing you need.

The forms on the CAA website are for israelies importing Drones. Not for tourists.

Please allow 1 week for answer. Sometimes we are out of the office and cannot answer immediately, so please do not request licenses on the last minute!

Respectfully ,

The Aeroclub of Israel